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cincinnati freelance copywriter + content strategist

When it comes to digital content planning, strategy and copywriting, you want someone who's been around long enough to know their stuff, yet young enough to create with fresh eyes. There's a sense of humility that's essential: one has to set aside their personal style and slip on a new voice like a new outfit. Today it's the twenty-something party animal poker lover. Tomorrow it's the nostalgic empty nester. You name it, I can wear it and wear it well.


But there's another thing too. It's a delightfully rare treasure when someone really lives what they're writing about. They really, really get it. Someone who can shape a message with authentic insight and soul.

I offer you over 15 years of copywriting and creative experience here in Cincinnati. I've written for many brands and many agencies. I can write about salad, the croutons on top and the dish soap you lather up with afterward. But here's the game changer. I cook and I clean my home–so I really get it. I can write about diapers and pet food with an authenticity I almost wish I didn't possess in some cases. That's because I change the diapers on my own tiny humans and I feed my fur babies discerningly like any other pet lover. 


I am a writer with many years of experience writing to almost every audience. But I am more than that. I am a millennial working mom who cooks, crafts, gardens and dreams–just like many of the shoppers you're trying to reach. To all the rest, I am a friend, a neighbor, a daughter and an empath waiting to share in their story.  Want me to talk to them for you?



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